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    Puja in India's Famous Temple

     All the Vedic literatures right from the Four Vedas, Puranas, Itihasa, Upanishands to the great epic Mahabharata and the Ramayana mention the performance of Puja/Pooja (prayer rituals) for appeasing the deities.

    About Joshua
    Mystic Healer & Guide

    Tarun Nigam aka Joshua is a strong believer of spiritualism. His inclination towards divine energies began from early childhood. At the age of 3, when most of the children played with toys, Tarun used to worship goddesses.

    In 2004, he had a supernatural experience. He was admitted to the hospital for intestinal surgery and there were high chances that he might be suffering from a serious disease. Those were one of the toughest moments in Tarun’s life. However that moment turned out to be a big turning point as well.

    Tarun had an after-life like experience. He met his late father and grandmother’s spirits who assured him that everything will be all right. And when he opened his eyes during the recovery period, Tarun witnessed the divine vision of Sai Baba in the Sitaram Bhartia Hospital.

    Tarun also had a vision about Tarapith temple even before knowing that it exists in real life. It was after the dream that he searched about the temple and found that it is a real temple situated in West Bengal. When Tarun visited the temple, he had an epiphany that he used to live there in his previous life. Many people recognised him and he also felt an instant connection with the surroundings.

    These are just some of the mystical encounters that Tarun has been blessed with throughout his life. The experience and passion further led him to visit all the sacred places across India and he found his calling from the spiritual world.

    As time passed, he also created his own unadulterated ways to channel spiritual energies. Now, Tarun is all set to help people in solving their issues and finding eternal peace. You may reach him for guidance anytime.

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    Tarun Nigam
    Mystic Healer
    Disclaimer: Tarun studied in a convent school and the name Joshua was given to him by his teachers. He uses the same name as it connects him to his roots. Other than that, the name has no links with his religion or practice.
    Pujas in temples & homes by solemn side
    Pujas in temples & homes by solemn side

    Pujas in temples & homes:

    Every Hindu (followers of Vedic customs) family has a temple or a temple room in their home dedicated to the deity worship. They also visit temples in order to offer obeisance to the idols which are installed after ‘pran pratishtha’.

    Praying at home although faithful is not as effective as praying in temples. However, it does not mean worships at home are of lesser importance.

    Vedas mention that the Divine can be remembered anywhere irrespective of places provided the worshiper worships selflessly and humbly.

    Worshipping at temples doubles your prayers on its own as the temples are ‘vigrahas’ (idols) that are installed with Praan Prathistha mantra and infused with vedic mantras, cosmic sounds of bells, bhajans, bhakti, devotional songs and rituals.

    Enigmatic Crystals And Gemstones

    That Can Transform Your Life

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    “The Himalayas are a holy land, dotted with sacred lakes, divine peaks and blue glaciers that gleam and soar in the collective imagination of the sub-continent, so if you want to Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains.”

    - Tarun Nigam

    Mystic Healer & Guide

    Eilat Stone

    This stone is highly beneficial for full body healing. Eilat Stone won’t just promote good health, but
    it will also draw out body pains.

    Eilat Stone has strong and loving energies that can act and resonate with your chakras. It also has an emotionally-based energy that can benefit you in many ways.

    The Eilat Stone is actually a mixture of Azurite, Chrysocolla, Turquoise, as well as other minerals. This stone exhibits various colorful designs that are triggered by the oxidation of iron, manganese, and copper.

    Eilat Stone relieves inflammations and fevers as well as helps in tissue and bone healing. On the other hand, this stone is also beneficial for the sinuses and mouth.

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    Power of Prayer

    Now when we come to invocation of God, people believe that offering prayer by being in the physical inner sanctum of these temples is essential. However, that is not true.

    Solar Mystery

    The Sun or Surya is a Powerhouse of spiritual energy.

    For its mystical powers, Sun has been worshipped in various religions and communities throughout the world. This history of Surya worship goes as far back as the origin of civilizations.

    According to spiritual sciences, the miraculous benefits of sun worship are: