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    Tarun Nigam aka Joshua is a strong believer of spiritualism. His inclination towards divine energies began from early childhood. At the age of 3, when most of the children played with toys, Tarun used to worship goddesses. 

    In 2004, he had a supernatural experience. He was admitted to the hospital for intestinal surgery and there were high chances that he might be suffering from a serious disease. Those were one of the toughest moments in Tarun’s life. However that moment turned out to be a big turning point as well.

    The experience and passion led him to visit all the sacred places across India and he found his calling from the spiritual world.

    As time passed, he also created his own unadulterated ways to channel spiritual energies. Now, Tarun is all set to help people in solving their issues and finding eternal peace. You may contact Tarun Nigam for guidance anytime.