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Tarun Nigam aka Joshua is a strong believer of spiritualism. His inclination towards divine energies began from early childhood. At the age of 3, when most of the children played with toys, Tarun used to worship goddesses.

In 2004, he had a supernatural experience. He was admitted to the hospital for intestinal surgery and there were high chances that he might be suffering from a serious disease. Those were one of the toughest moments in Tarun’s life. However that moment turned out to be a big turning point as well.

Tarun had an after-life like experience. He met his late father and grandmother’s spirits who assured him that everything will be all right. And when he opened his eyes during the recovery period, Tarun witnessed the divine vision of Sai Baba in the Sitaram Bhartia Hospital.

Tarun also had a vision about Tarapith temple even before knowing that it exists in real life. It was after the dream that he searched about the temple and found that it is a real temple situated in West Bengal. When Tarun visited the temple, he had an epiphany that he used to live there in his previous life. Many people recognised him and he also felt an instant connection with the surroundings.

These are just some of the mystical encounters that Tarun has been blessed with throughout his life. The experience and passion further led him to visit all the sacred places across India and he found his calling from the spiritual world.

As time passed, he also created his own unadulterated ways to channel spiritual energies. Now, Tarun is all set to help people in solving their issues and finding eternal peace. You may reach him for guidance anytime.

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Tarun Nigam
Mystic Healer
Disclaimer: Tarun studied in a convent school and the name Joshua was given to him by his teachers. He uses the same name as it connects him to his roots. Other than that, the name has no links with his religion or practice.
God’s Abode

The Himalayas is a holy land, dotted with sacred lakes, divine peaks and mysterious aura. It is not just world’s most extraordinary mountain range but also God’s abode.

Solemn Side

Your Spiritual Partner

Where there is faith, there is a way. To help believers in following their traditions and get the blessing of Lords, we have created this platform.

Solemn Side can be your spiritual partner. If you want to book an offering or invocation of God from high priests, just connect with us. Through our wide connections in the mystical temples, Solemn Side becomes a one-stop-destination for getting blessings from the divine through proper invocation and incantations to the deity.

Wish to know more? Click here to get a call from our mentor.

Why we’re different

The spiritual healing techniques we practice at Solemn Side have been developed in the solemnity to be suited to your satisfaction and are different from hypocritical healers in the market.


What our admirers say

"Tarun is an exceptional media professional & Keen enthusiasts in Vaastu. In one of our interaction in a meeting to discuss Media plan @ my office cabin for my organisation - He suggested few Vaastu tips to be implemented at my cabin along with direction of sitting. Believe me, it became beneficial to me."
Emilia Clarke
Snehal shah
"We consulted Mr. Tarun for our home vastu. He visited our home and inspected each area thoroughly and instantly felt wrong vibes in some particular area. He suggested few changes without any modification to existing home structure. His knowledge is extremely rich and seems god gifted experience. "
Emilia Clarke
Krishna Patel
"He is focused, strategic, structured & precise in his healings and workshops. His high level clairvoyance & intuitive abilities are commendable. His Kriya Yoga(breath work) classes are pretty good & I would recommend people to do that from he in order to raise your level of consciousness.."
Emilia Clarke
Himanshu Upadhya
"I strongly endorse Tarun nigam Ji, as his readings are astonishingly precise and he has a strong work ethic, and impresses me on many levels. Highly intuitive, and a delightful, gifted professional."
Thanks a ton Tarun
Best wishes 🙏🙏
Sidharth Motwani

Power of Prayer

Now when we come to invocation of God, people believe that offering prayer by being in the physical inner sanctum of these temples is essential. However, that is not true.

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