More than 30 per cent of modern buildings suffer from “Sick Building Syndrome”. But what does that mean?

The term Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is used to describe situations in which people living in the building experience acute health and comfort effects that appear to be linked to time spent in a building. However, no specific illness or cause can be identified.

The reason behind this lies in the logic and scientific facts of the ancient philosophy of architecture or Vastu Vidya.


The Origin

Vastu Vidya – the science and wisdom of architecture – is a traditional system of India that integrates design, layout, measurements with spatial directions and energies to build a harmonious and prosperous living space. The Sanskrit root word Vāstu Vidyā literally means “the philosophy and knowledge of architectonic”. In ancient Indian texts like Agamas, Puranas, and Vedas, this wisdom is also mentioned as Vāstu Śastras.

Its history goes back to the Vedic period of India. Various Hindu scriptures contain verses that talk about mystic cosmogony – the ultimate paradigm for cosmic planning. According to Hindu Mythology, a piece of space has its own soul called Vastu Purusha. The ‘soul of space’ was created by God Brahma – who is the ultimate creator of cosmos. Just like space has a soul, the ten directions also have their own gods called Das Dikhpal (literally translated as the guardians of ten directions). Brahma and Vishnu are amongst these ten gods who grant us a harmonious life.

To complete the holy trinity of spatial prosperity, Shiva plays his role as Kal Bhairva – the archetype of time and the incarnation of Shiva, while Brahma and Vishnu act as the guardians. But the one God of Direction that holds everyone’s attention is Kubera – the god of wealth and prosperity.

vastu basic section image

To understand the basics – Vastu considers humans as well as their environment and the physical world as living entities. The physical materials or space stores energy, as they have the soul called Vastu Purusha. While the human body stores energy in its seven chakras – the linking points of auric fields and cosmic forces.

The ten directional energies, and primary energy from the atmosphere are synchronized with the seven chakras of a human body, which ultimately merges with ‘the Pancha Bhutas’ or the five basic elements: air, water, fire, earth, and sky. To intensify the positive outcomes, it is often complemented with other areas of Science like Yogashastra (the science of Yoga), Jyotisha (Astrology), and Tantra-Mantra (Tantrism). Once the effects of these fields are echoed in a controlled manner, a human soul can synchronize with the cosmos.

The Energies of Egypt

The same science and wisdom of architecture are used in making the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Egyptians knew the precise directional alignments, geometric patterns, and symmetry to build the timeless abode called the Great Pyramids. Although it is not a matter of just patterns and symmetry. After multipole analysis, modern-day scientists have found that the Great Pyramid responds electromagnetically to radio waves. These pyramids are capable of concentrating electromagnetic energy into a single point in its internal chambers.

It implies that its architecture can channel energies in a desired direction, just like buildings and houses can in Vastu Vidya. The Egyptians used this wisdom over 4,000 years ago to get prosperity and riches that run in their land till the date. Now, we can even merge modern sciences into the same wisdom and get even better results.


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