The mystery of talismanic powers is unlimited and there are humungous forms available in the world. In fact any object can be converted to fit into a talisman mode provided the necessary rituals and processes are adhered as per the prevailing culture and religion.

Also known as amulet, talisman is associated with an object ascribed to religious and magical powers. It can be man made or natural and is often carved to harness magic, power and protection. For centuries many religions and civilizations such as those India, Rome, Mexico, China & Nepalused talismans and amulets to enhance their success and happiness.

Even today talismans remain mystic and are often called good charms.

Joshua & Talismans

At Solemn side, Joshua does the reece of the person/house concerned and post the same understands where the energy disbalance is coming from. Basis the same energies are invoked and such talismans are prepared which have different powers basis the number of days the chanting is done. Minimum number of days are 21 for the same and then the power increases as the chanting period is increased. The same is also done taking into account the nationality, religion and sociocultural considerations. Specific messengers help is taken wherever required.


Get your generic pre done or custom talismans made in trendy silver designs from Solemn Side to help you grow and prosper in the ares of business, health and career.

How it Works

Talismans need not be exhibited openly and should be kept in the closet or hidden in the temple. They emit energies from wherever they are placed. The place has to be pure and sacred. As a practice one should burn two incense sticks and chant the given mantras/verses when the same is done. A chant of 3 is good enough.

It has been from the past experience that a formal reece is important for preparing these talismans but Solemn side has generic pre done talismans also which have been made in trendy silver designs. Some of them work irrespective of the reece in the are of business, health and career.


Solemn Side can be your spiritual partner. If you want to book an offering or invocation of God from high priests, just connect with us.