Where there is Faith, there is always a way.


Human physical, mental and psychological health has always leaned under the interface of the positive relationship between religious virtues and spiritual healing practices irrespective of the diverse cross-cultural and religious perspectives.

The Himalayan and Amazonian spiritual healing practices that got isolated in recent times from the mainstream healing practices has now turned out to be the integral approach to health and wellness.

At Solemn Side we are a true emblem of the spiritual healing practices and principles and this is what we, being a spiritual healer, are truly honed to, i.e., restoring the balance of mind, body and soul of the recipients who take us on trust.

Services by Solemn Side

Channelising the positive energy in and around you through services that help you attain direction, connect with the divine or heal you


Channel energies in a desired direction, with perfect knowledge of modern techno- luxurious innovative designing skills with traditional holistic science of Astro – Vastu .

Vedic Puja

The blessed places are adept enough to invoke the energies and offer you peace. Invoke God and offer their prayers in all these mystical places.

Mystic Healing

Connection and understanding the divine beings is important to be be able to fulfil our true goals. Do this through the right path achieved via the divine messengers.

About Joshua:
Your Mystic Healer & Guide

Tarun Nigam aka Joshua has had mystical encounters that blessed him throughout his life. The experience and passion further led him to visit all the sacred places across India and he found his calling from the spiritual world. As time passed, he also created his own unadulterated ways to channel spiritual energies. Following this path, Tarun now helps people in solving their issues and finding eternal peace.

Products by Solemn Side

Infuse the correct vibrations and respite those negative energies with right accessory or decor that you need.

Mystery Crystals

Choose the correct Crystals and Gemstones infused with vibrations that are known for channelizing energies to find the perfect balance in your life and surroundings.

Sun Yantra

Respite from the negativities and welcomes fortunes, prosperity, and power to your life with the customised Sun Yantra to boost self confidence and nobility.


Get your generic pre done or custom talismans made in trendy silver designs from Solemn Side to help you grow and prosper in the ares of business, health and career.

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Solemn Side can be your spiritual partner. If you want to book an offering or invocation of God from high priests, just connect with us.